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Legkohod.com Site Summary

Rick, 2008, and much has changed since then

This Russian language site is about lightweight backpacking and was created by Rick DeLong, who lives in Kiev, Ukraine. The site introduces many aspects of western ultralight practice to readers in Russia, Ukraine, and other former Soviet states (wherever there are Russian speakers). There are articles, trip reports with photos, links to the best Russian language (nearly nonexistent) and English language resources, and a forum for the small but growing lightweight backpacking community in the former Soviet Union. This site is the first of its kind in Russian.

Legkohod.com (which basically means "light walker") is maintained by Rick and his friend Alexey Domaev, who is using this experience to learn more about website design, organization, and maintenance, and is also excited about backpacking and the outdoors. Since this subject is new to the Russian speaking world, a lot of excitement has been generated, and grateful readers have written about how they've been able to drop 10 kilos from their packs and undertake more ambitious hikes in the mountains as a result, thanks to the ideas presented on the site.

Upcoming plans

Rick is planning a long-distance hike in July-August 2008: Colorado Trail south from Denver to Durango, then from there on the Continental Divide Trail north to Rocky Mountain National Park. He'll be covering about 1000 miles in around 40 days with resupplies every week or so. His friend in Colorado Springs will be taking him to the trailhead and helping out with food packages. It's a logistically complex undertaking.

Rick has been training for this adventure since the beginning of the year by going on hikes as often as possible in Crimea and the Carpathians and gradually increasing his mileage and general skill level in using lightweight gear. Hundreds of hours have also been spent perusing the Internet and learning all there is to know about the subject, and a tidy sum has been spent on gear that can be lifted off the ground with tweezers. His discovery of modern lightweight gear and ultralight backpacking techniques has breathed new life into his outdoor pursuits, and Rick expects to take more and more adventures in the future.

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